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 2 Hours Live Session  

Dunia Mutthi Main (Foundation Course)

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25th & 26th February 2023

11 am - 1 pm

It’s a mindset makeover boot camp supported with worksheets to ensure SUCCESS COUPLED WITH HAPPINESS


“दुनिया मुट्ठी में”


1). सेहत,  

2). सफलता,  

3). पैसा,
4). इज़्ज़त,  

5). शोहरत,  

6). प्यार

और भी सब कुछ,

जो मांगोगे, वही मिलेगा, पक्का है।


What you will learn in this webinar?

How to avoid tension?

What to do if you get angry?

How to get desired wishes

How to avoid mistakes?

Tips and tricks to be happy!


"The Foundation Course" will show the way and share the tools to make your dreams come true!

Know the Trainer -
P K Khurana

Health & Happiness Guru

Better known as “The Health & Happiness Guru”, Mr. P.K. KHU₹ANA is a seasoned columnist, author, media manager, prolific writer and a multi-faceted entrepreneur. He was heading a distinguished team of experts from across the country as the Director-Marketing of a leading Hindi daily, before he decided to quit his cushy job and tread the untrodden path. That the decision was tough for the two-decade-old journalist turned marketing guy would be an understatement. But the determined, gritty and confident Mr. KHU₹ANA took the plunge.

Armed with a vast repertoire of experience and expertise in diverse fields of journalism, communication, circulation, advertising, public relations, marketing and sales, Mr. KHU₹ANA single-handedly set up QuikRelations in 1999. The company has grown by great strides and is now the largest one as far as network is concerned, with presence at 42 locations across the states and pan-India operations. Mr. KHU₹ANA is widely known for innovating “now” standard approaches in the field of Public Relations, Company Culture & Wellbeing Consultancy. His path-breaking initiatives and out-of-the-box thinking make him a brand name in the industry. 

Mr. KHU₹ANA has been a member of the Jury that decides awards in the PR domain. He has all along been included in the list of “100 Most Influential PR professionals in India.”

He has 3 more companies in his portfolio, namely, “Wow Happiness”, “Hello Aladdin” and “Jeeto Duniya Ventures Pvt. Ltd.” The companies provide training in to empower people to rise in their life and make their dreams come true.

He is the author of three national best seller books, namely “Bharatiya Loktantra, Samasyaayen Aur Samaadhaan” (भारतीय लोकतंत्र, समस्याएं और समाधान), “Loktantra Ke Hatyare Samvidhan Sanshodhan” (लोकतंत्र के हत्यारे संविधान संशोधन), and “Khushiyon Bhari Safalta” (खुशियों भरी सफलता). As a speaker he mesmerises his audiences, makes them laugh ... and think!

Planet and Moon

Foundation Course on the basis of Scientific Research

This course will make you so empowered, as if your DNA changed, and you are ready to fly to success!

यह कोर्स आपको इतना समर्थ बना देगा , मानो कि आपका डीएनए ही बदल गया, और आप सफलता की उड़ान भरने के लिए काबिल हो गए!

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